INCADI: INterfaces Cerebrales Aplicadas a personas con DIscapacidad motora

Brain-Computer Interfaces aimed at disabled people

  • 22/6/2015: The INCADI project wins the 2nd award “Premios Dependencia y Sociedad”, from Fundación CASER (Link)
  • NEW: 25-26/06/2015: The UMA-BCI group organizes the 7º Simposio CEA de Bioingeniería 2015, with the topic “Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI) and Assistive Technologies”
  • 04/12/2014: The INCADI project wins the award “Premio Mejor Historia de Luz”, from the news website Historias de Luz (Link)

TEC2011-26395.    January 2012 – December 2014. Extended until December 2015

Project supported by the Spanish Minstry of Economy and Competitiveness (TEC2011-26395) and by the European fund ERDF

Spanish Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, European fund ERDF

Keywords: brain-computer interface (BCI), virtual reality, training techniques, motor disability, wheelchair